Celebrating the Certification of Pan African Youth Ambassadors for Internet Governance 2023 Fellows

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for the Pan African Youth Ambassadors for Internet Governance (PAYAIG) 2023 Fellows! It is with great pride that we share the news of their official certification, marked by the issuance of certificates and (PIN) Identification numbers.

The PAYAIG initiative aims to empower young Africans to actively participate in shaping the future of the internet and digital policies across the continent. Through comprehensive training, mentorship, and hands-on experience, PAYAIG equips these youth ambassadors with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective advocates and leaders in internet governance.

The 2023 cohort of PAYAIG Fellows has demonstrated exceptional dedication and commitment throughout their journey, showcasing their passion for advancing internet governance principles and advocating for a more inclusive and accessible digital future for all Africans.

In recognition of their hard work and achievements, the PAYAIG 2023 Fellows have been officially certified. Their certificates, along with unique PIN Identification numbers, have been made available on the PAYAIG website for verification.

To verify the certification of the PAYAIG 2023 Fellows and access their certificates and PIN Identification numbers, please visit the following link: PAYAIG 2023 Verification.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to each member of the PAYAIG 2023 cohort on this significant accomplishment. Your dedication to promoting internet governance principles and driving positive change in the digital landscape is truly commendable.

As certified ambassadors for internet governance, we encourage the PAYAIG 2023 Fellows to continue their impactful work, inspiring others and fostering collaboration towards a more inclusive, equitable, and secure digital future for Africa and beyond.

Together, let us celebrate the achievements of the Pan African Youth Ambassadors for Internet Governance 2023 Fellows and look forward to the continued success and impact of this remarkable initiative.

Stay connected with PAYAIG for updates on future programs and opportunities to engage in internet governance advocacy and leadership.

Congratulations once again to the PAYAIG 2023 Fellows!