Pan African Youth Ambassadors for Internet Governance

Online Learning Platform !!

PAYAIG Training introduces a cutting-edge online learning platform designed to revolutionize the educational landscape. With a focus on personalized learning and accessible resources, the platform aims to empower individuals across diverse fields to enhance their skills and knowledge conveniently in Internet Governance.






Why Choose PAYAIG Fellowship !

The goal of this project is to contribute to fostering an open, inclusive, and secure internet for all across the continent, aligning with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Agenda 2063.

Experienced Facilitators

Courses are developed and taught by expert instructors who are leaders in their respective fields. Learners benefit from their knowledge, experience, and guidance throughout the learning process.

1,000+ Fellows & Learners

The platform fosters a collaborative learning environment where users can interact with peers, exchange ideas, and participate in group projects.

Roadmap to PAYAIG Learning Process in Fellowship


Interested individuals submit their applications through the PAYAIG website or designated portal. Applications typically include personal information, educational background, and statements of intent or purpose.

Complete Pre-Course

Shortlisted candidates are provided access to a pre-course module focusing on essential concepts related to ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). This module serves as foundational knowledge for the fellowship program.


Based on their application and performance in the pre-course module, candidates are shortlisted for the fellowship program. Shortlisted individuals receive notifications informing them of their selection and providing further instructions.

Start Online Facilitated Course

Selected candidates commence the online facilitated course, which is designed to delve deeper into topics related to internet governance, domain names, IP addresses, and other pertinent subjects. This course is facilitated by expert instructors and includes interactive elements to engage participants actively.

Complete E-learning Assignments and Learning Reports

Throughout the facilitated course, participants are assigned e-learning assignments and are required to submit periodic learning reports. These assignments are designed to assess comprehension, critical thinking, and application of knowledge acquired during the course.

Get Grading

Submitted assignments and learning reports are evaluated by instructors or designated assessors. Grading criteria typically include accuracy, depth of analysis, clarity of communication, and adherence to guidelines.

Get Certificate as a Fellow

Upon successful completion of the facilitated course and fulfillment of all requirements, participants receive certificates recognizing their achievement. These certificates serve as formal documentation of their participation and mastery of the course content.

Represent Country as Ambassador

Outstanding participants may be selected to represent their country as ambassadors in various forums, conferences, or initiatives related to internet governance and digital policy. Ambassadors play a crucial role in advocating for their country's interests and contributing to global discussions on relevant issues.

2023 Graduated Fellows

Congratulations to all our Fellows who completed their training in 2023. These data is certified and fellow has been issued a certificate from PAYAIG Secretariat.

Application Open For 2024

These activities include an Online Internet Governance Fellowship, Road to African and Global Community Engagement, PAYAIG Dialogue, and a Lessons Learned session.

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